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UPDATE: As of 2019, new ScanSnap users are encouraged to download ScanSnap Home to link Hubdoc to ScanSnap. ScanSnap Home combines the full cloud functionality of ScanSnap Cloud with the added document management features of ScanSnap Manager.
Instructions on setting up ScanSnap Home can be found here: ScanSnap Home - Connect to Hubdoc

For Hubdoc users using ScanSnap Cloud, you can still upload your documents in a snap! When you’re ready to get set u, please follow these steps:

  • Head over to select your region, and scroll to the bottom of the next page to download the ScanSnap Cloud application for your computer.
  • If your region is not available please refer to the ScanSnap Desktop articles located in the ScanSnap section of our Supercharge Your Practice Helpdesk category.
  • Launch the application, login and follow the steps to connect your Scanner. There are three supported models: iX100, iX500 and iX1500.

  • When you reach the Document Configuration step, click 'Change' to set up a destination for a document type.

  • Click on Hubdoc, and then click 'Select'.

  • Login to your Hubdoc account, and follow the steps to authorize the connection
  • Note: Hubdoc and ScanSnap integrate on a 1 to 1 basis. This means that the account you login with in this step is the account that documents will forward to.
  • If you would like to forward documents from the ScanSnap to a client's account, you must enter your client's login credentials, rather than your own. 

  • Click Configure, then 'Save Settings' to finalize the connection. You can change the configuration for each document type, Hubdoc will be the default for all types if no changes are made.
  • Disconnect your scanner from your computer, then click 'Next'.

  • Load your document into the scanner and press the 'Scan' button, the Purple colour indicates you're connected wirelessly!
  • Once the document has gone through your ScanSnap scanner, a new window will open in the ScanSnap Cloud application. 

  • The document will be forwarded to your Hubdoc account!




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