Why is my e-mail not getting to Hubdoc?

There are a couple different scenarios which could result in an e-mail with a document not arriving in Hubdoc: 

  1. The unique intake email is missing the "@app.hubdoc.com" ending. 
  2. The format sent to Hubdoc's unique email intake is not a PDF or an image file.
  3. An error message is attached to the email which is sent back outlining a more precise cause. 

Ensuring these three things are completed will almost always mean that your documents will end up in Hubdoc!

If you are using a middleware email forwarding service, in rare cases, Hubdoc will return an error message to your email domain because it believes the email sender is a spammer. Middleware software may block Hubdoc's domain from future emails.

To resolve this issue please look for a 'White List' option and input the unique email intake “_________ @app.hubdoc.com” email address into the whitelist field. For more information about white listing email addresses, please see this article from SendGrid on how to complete this: https://sendgrid.com/docs/User_Guide/Settings/mail.html

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