Why is my e-mail not getting to Hubdoc?

Summary: There are a couple different scenarios which could result in an e-mail with a document not arriving in Hubdoc: 

  1. The unique intake email is missing the "@app.hubdoc.com" ending. 
  2. The format sent to Hubdoc's unique email intake is not a PDF or an image file.
  3. An error message is attached to the email which is sent back outlining a more precise cause. 

Ensuring these three things are completed will almost always mean that your documents will end up in Hubdoc!

If you are using a middleware email forwarding service, in rare cases, Hubdoc will return an error message to your email domain because it believes the email sender is a spammer. Middleware software may block Hubdoc's domain from future emails.

To resolve this issue please look for a 'White List' option and input the unique email intake “_________ @app.hubdoc.com” email address into the whitelist field. For more information about white listing email addresses, please see this article from SendGrid on how to complete this: https://sendgrid.com/docs/User_Guide/Settings/mail.html

Are you using Outlook?

We've had some customers experience issues as when using Outlook to upload documents via email. Below are two suggestions on troubleshooting the issue. 

1. Outlook packs the attachments into a file called 'winmail.dat' which would be causing the issue. You can change the settings on your Outlook account by following these directions. Particularly the section, "Prevent Winmail.dat Attachments from Being Sent in Outlook".

2. Anything that is being forwarded into Hubdoc with an attachment from Outlook will need to be in HTML format. To make sure that these aren't being sent in Plain Text, please check your settings. I've included a link to instructions on how to do this.

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