ScanSnap Manager - Split Multi-Page PDFs

ScanSnap Manager enables you to select whether you would like to scan your documents as a Multi-Page PDF, or split your PDF by choosing to "Generate 1 PDF per [#] of pages." Note that other scanners may support splitting multiple pages into individual PDF documents, but this article will focus on the steps for the Fujitsu IX500 and IX100 scanners.

First, make sure you're using the latest version of ScanSnap's software. You can find the latest version through Fujitsu's web site. Next, make sure your scanner is connected and open ScanSnap Manager.

Step 1 - Create a new Hubdoc Profile by clicking "Add Profile".


Step 2 - On the Application tab, select "Scan to Google Drive" or "Scan to Email" if you don't have a Drive account.  You can configure settings for the application by clicking the "Application Settings" button


Step 3 - Now on the File option tab, and make sure file format is set to "PDF".  Click the "Option" button on this tab.


Step 4 - In the PDF file format option pop-up, select how you want ScanSnap to split the document.  Most common settings are "Multipage PDF" which creates 1 document per scans, regardless of the number of pages in the scan.  To split a document to multiple PDFs, select "Generate one PDF file per" and configure the number of pages you'd like in each document.  Click "OK" to save the settings.


You're ready to scan!

Step 5 - Add your documents to your scanner, ensure the manager is set to the correct profile and hit the Scan button.

Step 6 - If you're forwarding via Google Drive, ScanSnap will upload the split PDFs to your account automatically. Upload these through Hubdoc's web app's drag-and-drop or file upload feature by clicking the green "Add Receipt" button.

If you're forwarding via email, ScanSnap will create a new email message using your computer's default email software but will not automatically send it.  Enter the unique Hubdoc intake email address you would like these to be sent to and send your message

Step 7 - Hubdoc will process each document as a separate upload and extract key data via our data extraction process.  The documents can now be published to your cloud accounting software or archived!

A common example: If you have 5 pages each on their own page and a cover letter, configure ScanSnap to "Generate one PDF file per 1 page".  Remove the cover letter and add the stack of 5 pages to ScanSnap.  Select the appropriate Hubdoc profile (e.g. "Hubdoc to Drive") and scan the documents.  Login to Drive and upload the documents to Hubdoc via drag-and-drop.  Hubdoc will support uploading these PDFs through any of our normal manual upload methods.

For more information on ScanSnap's functionality and an example using a Windows computer, please see here.


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