Reset Quickbooks Online connection in Hubdoc


Occasionally QBO makes some updates which require a connection reset from Hubdoc, please follow these steps to disconnect then reconnect QBO to refresh the connection.


Disconnecting QBO.

Log in to Hubdoc

1. Navigate to the "Accounts" button. 


2. Select the "Destinations" tab.


3. Select the "Disconnect" button beside the QBO logo.


4. Log out of Hubdoc. 


Clearing your browser cache.

Please clear your browser cache by following the steps in this support article.


Re-connecting a QBO integration.

1. Log back in to Hubdoc.

2. Navigate to back to the "Accounts" button.Screen_Shot_2017-04-20_at_3.20.21_PM.png

3. Select the "Destinations" tab.


4. Select the "Connect" button beside the QBO logo (It may take a minute or two to establish the connection).



For detailed steps on connecting to QBO, Check out the following support article 





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