Quickbooks Online Publishing Issues

You may receive one of the following errors when publishing a document from Hubdoc to Quickbooks Online. 

"The account period has closed" 

This message from QBO means that you have closed this accounting period and no changes can be made. For example, if you close accounting to 12/31/2016 then no imports with a date before this are possible.


"Required Parameter Line.Amount Is Missing In The Request" 

The amount is missing on the document you're trying to publish. Please add the amount and/or wait for Hubdoc to extract the total amount before publishing. 


"Categories Cannot Be Used In Transactions"

This error message indicates that the field LineItem for the transaction is referring to a Category in QBO and not a valid Product/Service name within the Category (usually a tracking class or location).

If you select the specific Product/Service instead of the Category header and re-publish the document the transaction will be created successfully. 


For any other publishing errors, please try these quick steps.


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