Enabling BC Tax Codes in Quickbooks Online

When publishing documents over to QBO under BC tax rates, a few changes will need to be made to customize QBO for the appropriate Canada Sales Tax. More specifically, self-assessing PST codes.


Part 1: Configure the custom tax rates in QBO

 The following link provides detailed step-by-step instructions on how to configure self-assessing PST in QBO.



Part 2: Once you have configured customized tax rate settings in QBO, you will need to edit the tax settings in Hubdoc.

 Hubdoc will import the tax rates configured in your QBO account, allowing you to enable the appropriate tax in Hubdoc. To set up your BC tax rate, head to the “Destinations” tab in Hubdoc and adjust the tax rate in the field to the right of your QBO integration.


Please note that like all newly established configurations in Hubdoc, your BC tax settings will be enabled on  a going-forward basis.

When publishing documents to QBO, you will see your new settings entered into the tax rate field. If needed, this tax can be adjusted to reflect how you would like the transaction to appear in QBO.

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