ScanSnap Manager - Scanning to Google Drive

ScanSnap Desktop is the application used if ScanSnap Cloud isn't available in your region (Asia Pacific) or if you wish to use one ScanSnap scanner for multiple Hubdoc accounts.


  1. Once ScanSnap is installed on your computer, right click on the ScanSnap logo and select "Settings"

  2. a) In the Profile drop-down menu on the right hand side, ensure that "Google Drive" has been selected
    b) Select the "File Option" tab from the list of tabs across the top
    c) Choose "PDF (*.pdf)" as the desired file format
    d) Select the "Option" button in the bottom right hand corner

  3. a) Toggle to "Generate one PDF file per “1” page" (if you wish to use the ScanSnap PDF splitting functionality)
    b) Select "OK"
    c) To ensure the changes have been made click "Apply" in the bottom right hand corner

  4. Left click on the ScanSnap icon and select "Scan to Google Drive"

  5. a) Scan a test document using the scanner (Instructions on how to do this are detailed in Section 2 below)
    b) When prompted input the appropriate Google Drive credentials to connect your Google Drive account to ScanSnap

  6. a) Check the settings to make sure ScanSnap stays signed in to Google Drive by going into "Settings" as shown in Step 1
    b) Select the "Application" tab from the list of tabs at the top
    c) Select the "Application Settings" button

  7. a) Make sure the "Stay Signed In" checkbox is selected
    b) Click "OK"
    c) To ensure the changes have been made click "Apply" in the bottom right hand corner


  1. Flip open your ix100 ScanSnap scanner so that the blue "Start/Stop" button illuminates

  2. Feed the first document into the scanner and click the "Start/Stop" button to start the scanning process
    Image courtesy of Fujitsu
  3. Feed the next document into the scanner and it will scan automatically. Repeat this process until all documents have been scanned.
    Note: With the ix100 if you're scanning small documents you can do 2 at a time, otherwise A4 pages have to be fed in one at a time.
    Image courtesy of Fujitsu

  4. Once all documents have been scanned click the "Finish Scanning" button on your computer and all documents will be sent to your nominated Google Drive account
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