Uploading Documents from your Collaborator Account

So, you have been added as a collaborator to access a client or partner's Hubdoc account. What exactly does that mean?

It means that using your own Hubdoc login credentials, you have full access to your client or partner’s Hubdoc account to upload and manage documents. Oftentimes, this type of account is a "shell" account - its sole purpose is to have access to a paying account.

When uploading documents from your collaborator Hubdoc account to the account which you are working on, it is essential to ensure that you are toggling in to their Hubdoc account before uploading any documents.

How to Toggle between Hubdoc accounts:

  1. Ensure that you have been added as a collaborator on their account.
  2. From the Partner Portal, otherwise known as the 'Organizations' page (displayed below), your personal Hubdoc account will be featured at the very top of the list. All of the accounts you have access to will be listed below. Click on the account that you wish to work on.



  1. Ensure you are in the correct account by referencing the account name that appears next to the icon of four stacked lines (also known as the 'Hamburger Icon') in the top left corner of the page. Here, you have the same access as the account holder and you can freely upload and manage documents. 



  1. To toggle back to your own account, click on the hamburger icon, and click on your account name. To navigate back to the Partner Portal, click on 'My Hubdoc'.


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