Creating an Outlook Email Alias

What is an Outlook Email Alias?

An email alias is an alternative email address that you may want to use to set up your Hubdoc account. It is connected to an original 'real' email address. Every message sent to the 'alias email' will arrive in the inbox of the 'real address.'

Real Email Address =

Email Alias =

Emails sent to are forwarded to


When is an Email Alias useful?

Hubdoc can send automatic email alerts whenever new documents appear, or whenever new bills are due!

If you'd like to receive these alerts rather than have them sent to your clients, you can use an email alias.

By creating the alias email address and inputting it as the 'user email address' for your client's account, all future alerts will arrive in your inbox. You'll receive the alerts, not your client.

Additionally, if you want to create a Hubdoc account for your client (without the client receiving an email prompt to create a password) you can use an email alias to create the account. The email request to set up the Hubdoc account password will arrive in your inbox, rather than your client's. Then you can deliver the login information to your client at your convenience. 


Why can't an adviser use their original, 'real' email address, rather than an alias, to receive client alerts?

In Hubdoc, each account must have its own unique login in the form of a user email address.

Each email address can only be used once, for one account. Additionally, most accountants and bookkeepers will use their 'real' email address for their firm's free-for-life VIP account.

 Example Scenario

Let's say Ashley is an accountant. Her email is Ashley manages company ABC's books. We would recommend setting up a Hubdoc account using the email alias

All notifications and emails associated with the alias address will be directed to the root email. Example: will receive all email notifications sent to


How to Create an Outlook Email Alias in Microsoft:

  • Go to Manage how you sign in to Microsoft.

  • Under Account aliases, select Add email.

    A screenshot of the Add email button.

  • Under Add an alias, do one of the following:

    • Create a new email address and add it as an alias.

    • Add an existing email address as an alias.

  • Select Add alias.

Source: MS Office Support.

How to Create an Outlook Email Alias in Outlook:

  • Go to your account "Admin" options.
  • Go to Users, and select "Active Users".
  • Select the email address you would like to create an alias with.
  • Use "Edit" to make a new alias and click "Add" to save it.

How to Delete or Edit an Email Alias:




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