Hubdoc + + Quickbooks Desktop Workflow

Although Hubdoc does not have a direct integration with Quickbooks Desktop, you can still use Hubdoc to reduce data entry and automate part of the payables process by using Hubdoc and together.


Start off by using Hubdoc to store all your client’s documents. Not only will Hubdoc serve as a cloud filing cabinet, but it will extract key details from documents and create bills in with the source document attached. These bills will skip the 'Inbox' and go straight to the approval stage. Once approved, will create the transaction in Quickbooks Desktop for you, automating a large portion of the payable process.

1. Head to the 'Manage Accounts' tab and configure rules for for any of the suppliers you or your client receive recurring bills from on a regular basis.*

* Unfortunately you can not edit any supplier rules from Hubdoc.


2. Take automation a step further and select 'Auto-Sync to' to automatically send bills from Hubdoc to with the source document attached.

3. Log in to and review the payables awaiting approval


4. Once the bill has been approved in, push the transaction to Quickbooks Desktop to create the entry.

Transactions entered into Quickbooks Desktop from can be found with other transactions manually entered for receipts, invoices, and other paid expenses.

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