Why are my documents being 'Archived'?

The ‘Archived’ tab displays all of your documents that no longer require user action. They will each be paired with a green checkmark to indicate that the document has passed through ‘Processing’ and ‘Review’ tabs successfully, and/or has been published to your downstream integrations.

Your documents may be going straight into ‘Archived’ and skipping the ‘Review’ tab for one of the following reasons:

1. Your trial has ended and your account hasn’t been upgraded yet

The following link goes over how to pay for your own Hubdoc account

2. Auto-archive checkbox is selected  

Bank statements and other documents automatically fetched from a connection with no configured destinations will by default have the 'Auto Archive' checkbox selected. If you wish for these statements and other related documents to arrive in your 'Review' tab before being archived, uncheck the box next to ‘Archive documents with no configured destinations’. This works on a vendor-by-vendor basis. You will have to go through each connection and sub-account individually to uncheck the ‘Auto Archive’ checkbox.


 3. Auto-sync is enabled for your downstream cloud and accounting integrations

If you have auto-sync enabled for a particular vendor, documents from this vendor will skip the review tab and publish over to your configured destination. This can be the case for accounting integrations (QBO, Xero) along with cloud storage integrations (Dropbox, Google Drive, SmartVault etc.). Auto-sync needs to be turned off on a per vendor basis, including sub-accounts for each vendor, for the ones you would like to review first.


4. Data Extraction is turned off  

Ensure that documents are going through our data extraction process by making sure the ‘Data Extraction’ checkbox is selected. If this is turned off, your documents will auto-archive when uploaded. 


Note: Historically uploaded documents will not go back through our extractor once Data Extraction is turned on, if data extraction was turned off when they were originally uploaded.

5. The documents being archived are from an automated connection's initial fetch 

When an automated connection is first added, Hubdoc will fetch all documents available on the connection's web portal. The documents that are initially fetched will automatically be archived. Note: On a going forward basis, new documents that are fetched will not be auto-archived, unless you check off the 'auto-archive' box for that particular Vendor. 



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