Supported Document Types


Hubdoc is a document collection and management platform that securely stores and files your financial documents for you. There are a few things to consider when determining what documents should be stored in Hubdoc.

Docs we fetch

At this time, Hubdoc only fetches PDF and .csv filetypes from financial institutions and other online suppliers. For Hubdoc to automatically fetch these documents, please ensure you have paperless billing or e-statements turned on through your online supplier's web portal.

Docs to Upload

Any document type (ie. invoice, receipt, check) can be uploaded into Hubdoc, but there are a specific few filetypes that our system will accept. Hubdoc currently supports PDF, JPEG, PNG, IMG, plain text and HTML files manually uploaded into Hubdoc. Hubdoc does not have the ability to unzip folders or extract data from Excel files.

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