Add an Automated Connection

Add a Direct Connection

What you need to know

Complete the Hubdoc setup process by adding automated connections. Hubdoc will begin fetching recurring bills and invoices for you, providing you with real-time access to source documents.

  • Direct connections are currently only available for Wells Fargo, Stripe, and Bank of America.
  • All documents imported via a direct connection are saved in a new folder labelled with the name of the supplier. If you’re updating an existing connection, any existing documents imported using the standard connection remain in the original folder.
  • Original folders for Wells Fargo and Stripe are updated to include the date the last document was imported into it. For Bank of America, the original folder is labelled as legacy. You can rename the folders at any time.
  • Any connection customisation, like email alerts, email forwarding or where the documents are saved, are reset. You need to update any customisation after connecting.
  • If you’ve got an existing connection that integrates with cloud storage, you need to update the settings once the direct connection is set up.
  • Direct connections don't import cheque images.

Set up a Direct Connection

1. On the Hubdoc dashboard, click Add Account.

2. Select the Direct Connection you’re wanting to set up.


3. Click Add a New Account.


4. Click Sign In. You’ll be temporarily redirected from Hubdoc to the supplier’s portal to establish the connection. It might take a few minutes for authentication to process.

5. Enter your login credentials, then follow the prompts. Once the connection is established, you’ll be redirected back to Hubdoc.

Update a Direct Connection

  1. On the Hubdoc dashboard, click Add Account.
  2. Under Summary, next to the supplier you want to update, click Sign In or Update. You’ll be temporarily redirected from Hubdoc to the supplier’s portal to re-establish the connection.
  3. Enter your login credentials, then follow the prompts. Once the connection is updated, you’ll be redirected back to Hubdoc.

Verify an existing Standard Connection

Updating your crednetials

If the username or password for your online portal changes, you will have to update your credentials in Hubdoc so that it can fetch relevant documents. Usually, when Hubdoc encounters this issue, you will get a notification that something is wrong. Generally this will appear as shown below, but often it may simply tell you that Hubdoc is having trouble communicating with your account.


To fix this, click the "Fix it" button and Hubdoc will prompt you to reenter your credentials.

If you know that you have just updated your credentials for a supplier that you are connected to in Hubdoc, you can update Hubdoc immediately by clicking the "Edit Credentials" button next to the supplier name under the "Manage Account" tab as seen below, this will prompt you to re-enter your login information and allow our connection to continue running smoothly.


Use two-factor authentication (2FA)

If you’re prompted to use 2FA for security reasons, you need to enter a new code for the connection to import new documents. Once your information is updated, Hubdoc imports all available new documents for that connection.

To verify an automated account connection:

  1. On the Hubdoc dashboard, click the settings icon settings_Icon.png.
  2. On the Manage Accounts tab, for the automated connection you want to update, click Update accounts.
  3. Choose the trusted device you want to send the authentication code to.
  4. Enter your authentication code, then click Submit.

Use Personal verification questions (PVQs)

Personal verification questions (PVQs) are unique security questions used to identify a user. For security purposes, some suppliers request a PVQ to be answered every time Hubdoc tries to fetch new documents.

Some suppliers require multiple questions to be answered. Each time Hubdoc gets a new question, we store it. When the question comes up again, we can answer it automatically without prompting you. If the question is new, you need to answer it before you can proceed with the connection. Once you answer all the PVQs that the supplier's website might ask, we stop prompting you.

Answering all the PVQs for your connection allows Hubdoc to successfully connect to the account. It also prevents you from needing to answer a new question each time you log in.

To answer all the PVQs for a connection:

  1. Add an account and input the login credentials.
  2. Click Update accounts to prompt the first question.
  3. Enter the answer to the question, then click Submit.

Repeat steps 1-3 until you’ve successfully answered all the questions.

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