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Once you have activated a new Hubdoc account, begin the setup process by completing your client's Profile page. Invite other collaborators to access the account and input company details to help collaborators identify the account.

Step 1: Company details

Input the account owner’s information. Collaborators will need to know the company name and email address when accessing the account. The base currency and date format will also need to be specified to help Hubdoc’s OCR technology extract the correct information from uploaded documents.


Please Note: If you would like to receive email notifications on behalf of your client, you can change the email address to an email alias, to redirect notifications to your own inbox.

Step 2: Password

Setup or change the password to the Hubdoc account through the Profile tab. If there will be several employees uploading documents into one Hubdoc account, create a generic password that the account owner will be comfortable sharing. This will allow staff to use the Hubdoc mobile app to upload documents while on-the-go.


Step 3: Uploading Files via Email

This is one method for manually uploading documents into the Hubdoc account. Each Hubdoc account will have it’s own unique intake email that can be used to forward documents directly into the account. By default, the intake email will be a long string of numbers, letters, and words. Please customize the intake email to something easier to remember, and more relevant to the company. Click here for detailed instructions on how to change the intake email. 


Tip: You can provide suppliers with the unique Hubdoc intake email to have documents flow directly into the Hubdoc account.

Step 4: Data Extraction

Please ensure that the “extract data from uploaded documents” is turned ON. This will program Hubdoc to do the data entry for you. This function can be turned off if you plan on uploading upwards of 300 documents daily. However, this would require document details to be coded manually.

Step 5: Invite Collaborators

Begin adding Collaborators to the Hubdoc account. Input the email address of any advisors or bookkeepers that will be accessing this account to complete the bookkeeping process.


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