Emailing Documents into Hubdoc


Summary: Each Hubdoc account is automatically assigned an Hubdoc email that can be customized and used to quickly and easily forward documents into your Hubdoc account. 




Locate your unique Hubdoc email address:

Click the Upload Document button at the top of the page.


Your unique Hubdoc address will be located under the 'Submit by email' subheading at the bottom. You can also click Copy to Clipboard to copy the unique Hubdoc email address.



Customize your unique Hubdoc email address:

Click the Gear Icon in the top right corner, and navigate to the Organization tab. Under the heading 'Uploading files via email', click 'Edit' and customize your unique Hubdoc email address to something easy to remember.

Detailed steps and additional information to customize your unique Hubdoc email address.






Step 1: Save your unique Hubdoc email address as a Contact

To make it easy to forward emailed documents into Hubdoc, save your unique Hubdoc email address in your Contacts as something easy to remember such as "Hubdoc". You can then use this in the 'To' field the next time you'd like to forward a document so you don't need to re-type the email each time.

Step 2: Set up email forwarding within your Gmail or Outlook account

This allows invoices and receipts that are emailed to you, to flow directly into your Hubdoc account. This eliminates having to manually forward individual documents, especially for recurring invoices and suppliers. 




To set up automatic email forwarding using Gmail:

1. Click the gear icon to navigate to 'Settings'. Navigate into the 'Forwarding and POP/IMAP' tab.

2. Click 'Add a Forwarding Address' at the top of the page and input the unique email address associated with your Hubdoc account.


3. A verification email will be sent to your Hubdoc account (like below). To verify the email account, copy and paste the highlighted link into a new tab/window and follow the instructions from Gmail. Alternatively, you can input the code highlighted by the rectangle in Gmail under the 'Forwarding and POP/IMAP' tab.

4. Go back to 'Settings' by clicking on the gear icon. Navigate to the 'Filters' tab.

5. Click 'Create a new filter' and populate the 'From' field with the email address that you receive the recurring invoices from (eg. You can also fill in any additional information to narrow the list of emails you want forwarded to Hubdoc. For example, only email subjects that include the words 'receipt' or 'invoice'.

6. Click the link 'Create new filter with this search'. 

7. Check the box next to 'Forward it to' and select the unique Hubdoc email associated with your Hubdoc account.

8. Click the 'Create Filter' button at the bottom.

To set up automatic email forwarding using Outlook:

1. Click on 'Settings' (the gear icon) in your Outlook account.

2. Under 'Options', select 'Mail > Rules'.


3. Create a new rule and set up your conditions. Many people may choose to set conditions based on sender (ie. certain suppliers), or by words contained in the subject line (ie. 'receipt' 'invoice', etc.).

4. Set the desired action which is to forward the email to your Hubdoc account's unique Hubdoc address.

5. Save your rule. This will now be applied on a moving forward basis!




Step 3: Send the email address to any suppliers that normally email invoices to you

Allow suppliers to send receipts and invoices directly into your Hubdoc account. You can even program Hubdoc to create a document using the body of an email. This will be especially handy for supplier invoices that are written in text via email.

Bonus: Add a Note

Share important information about documents by adding a note to the body of the email. Simply enter your email message, and plug “#note” to the beginning and end of the message (eg. #note your message #note). Notes will be attached to the top of the source document once forwarded to the Hubdoc account.

Bonus: Split multi-page PDFs into individual documents in Hubdoc

Use your unique Hubdoc email address (ending in to send multi-page PDF documents to Hubdoc for splitting. Add #split in the subject line to let Hubdoc know you’d like to split the PDF.

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