Welcome to Hubdoc! First Steps for New Bookkeeping Clients


Welcome! Hubdoc is a cloud bookkeeping tool. Every month, thousands of businesses use Hubdoc to get key business documents - from banks, suppliers, and customers - to their bookkeepers.

If you'd like to learn how to audit-proof your business, turn documents into insightful data, and get your bookkeeper everything they need each month without lifting a finger, read on.


How Do I Get Started Using Hubdoc?

□ Find Your Email Invite and Log In
Your bookkeeper has sent you an invite to create your Hubdoc account. To get started:

  • Log in to your inbox and search for a message from noreply@hubdoc.com
  • Click the link and create your password

□ Set Up Hubdoc to Fetch Your Bills and Statements
Hubdoc will get bank statements and invoices to your bookkeepers every month. If your bookkeeper does not have your banking credentials to add connections on your behalf, please see this walkthrough.

□ Snap Pictures of Receipts and Let Hubdoc Do the Rest
Please see this walkthrough. Hubdoc will automatically extract key data from pictures of your receipts and invoices. For best results, ensure total amount, bill date, and supplier name are clearly visible in each photo


How Will Hubdoc Simplify my Bookkeeping?

Audit-Proof Your Business: Have a source document for every business transaction, and a bank statement for every month of business activity. Hubdoc goes to each website and fetches your documents.

One Secure Hub: Store unlimited documents in a single, auto-organized hub. Never lost sight of a statement or invoice again.

Easy Collaboration with Your Advisors: Your accountant and bookkeeper will instantly have access to everything they need. No more time spent on monthly hand-offs, and no hassle over lost documents.


Frequently Asked Questions 

□ How Do I Upload Documents via Scanner or Email?
See here for a general walkthrough

□ Can My Staff members Access Hubdoc?
Yes. For instructions on user accounts, either consult your bookkeeper or see this walkthrough.

□ How Secure Is Hubdoc?
Hubdoc uses bank-level security. See here! 

□ Who Pays for Hubdoc?
Either a client or bookkeeper can pay for Hubdoc. 


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