Connecting to a Cloud Storage Platform


Hubdoc offers unlimited storage for as long as the Hubdoc account exists, however, you may be looking for another space to store your documents. Hubdoc integrates with a handful of cloud storage platforms such as Box, Sharefile, Dropbox, SmartVault, and Google Drive. Having two reliable destinations to store files, can be considered an added layer of security for important documents. 

Step 1: Connect to a cloud storage platform of your choice

1. Log in to Hubdoc. 

2. Click on the Gear Icon in the top right corner.

3. Select the Integrations tab.

4. Scroll down and click Connect' next to your cloud storage platform.


You will be required to input your login credentials to successfully connect to the cloud storage platform.

Step 2: Select your desired folder structure for pushing documents to your cloud storage platform

Once you have successfully connected Hubdoc to one of the available cloud storage platforms, you will be given two options for how you would like Hubdoc to push documents.

Folder_Structure.pngOption 1: All documents in one folder

This will program Hubdoc to push all documents into one folder, to be reorganized in the cloud storage platform at a later date. 

Option 2: Copy your folder structure from Hubdoc

This will program Hubdoc to push documents into your cloud storage platform using the same folder structure found within Hubdoc. This means that the documents will be automatically filed for you, and neatly organized based on supplier name in the cloud storage platform. 

Step 3: Edit the folder location

Editing the folder location allows you to connect Hubdoc to the correct client folder within your cloud storage account. 

1. Create a folder for your client within the cloud storage platform if one has not already been created.

2. Toggle into your client's Hubdoc account and navigate to the Integrations tab after you have selected the Accounts button.

3. Scroll down the page until you see the cloud storage platform that the account is connected to, and select the Change option next to Folder Destination.

4. Type in the appropriate folder destination for the documents. 





For Box:

Type in the Folder ID (the "######" section of the web address when viewing the client's folder in Box)

For Sharefile:

Input the client folder name after  "/Myfiles/".

For Dropbox and Google Drive:

Input the Folder Name of your client's folder. The folder name must be entered exactly as it appears in the cloud storage platform. See example below.


For SmartVault users:

If a SmartVault Limited Business Plan is being used: The Hubdoc folder and documents contained within, will appear in the last folder listed in the folder destination field. For example,"Clients/M-P/Nick’s Vault/TY16/Source Documents" will appear as below:

If an Accountant or Tax Prep plan SmartVault subscription is being used for a client, the destination must be configured as shown here "Clients/M-P/Nick’s Vault/TY16/Source Documents" and will appear as below:
Note: The folder name must be copied exactly as it is displayed in SmartVault, including spaces and special characters. 










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