Manage Users/Staff Members

The Hubdoc Partner Portal allows you to invite members of your practice and other collaborators to access your clients' accounts. There is no additional cost to add staff and to grant them access to your clients' accounts. 

Once staff have been given access to an account, they will have full permissions to edit profile information, manage client documents, and publish documents to a cloud accounting or storage platform. This allows your firm to keep clients' books up-to-date.

Step 1: Add a User/Staff Member

1. Log in to your Hubdoc account. 

2. Click the 'Manage Users' button on the 'Organizations Page'. You may need to close the Xero HQ notification in order to reveal the 'Manage Users' button if you have not done so before.

3. In the top right corner, enter your staff's email address and click the 'Add New User' button. An email will be sent to that email inviting the user to set up their Hubdoc account. If they already have a Hubdoc account, they will have access to the accounts selected by you the next time they log in.  

Step 2: Grant staff access to a client account

Once you have added your staff members to Hubdoc, you can begin granting them access to client accounts by clicking on their name. You can then select a client from the drop down menu provided, and select 'Add Access' to assign staff to specific clients. 

Note: You can update these settings at any time to grant staff access to more client accounts, or revoke their access to existing clients. This will allow you to control which staff member is working on specific client accounts.

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