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Once you have connected and configured your cloud storage platforms, you can now start publishing documents to cloud storage as a secondary back-up. Note that once a document has been published to cloud storage, the document will become 'Archived' within Hubdoc, regardless of whether it has also been published to a cloud accounting platform such as QBO or Xero. 

When publishing documents to cloud storage, you will have a few options: 

Option 1: Manually publish individual documents:

Manually pushing documents from Hubdoc to your cloud storage platform, allows you to better manage what has or has not yet been posted to your cloud accounting platform. Documents uploaded into Hubdoc will fall under the 'Review' tab, waiting to be pushed to a downstream integration.

1. Select the document you would like to publish to cloud storage and open the 'Edit data bar' by clicking the pencil icon on the far right of the screen.

2. Scroll down to the 'Destinations' heading, and click 'Publish All' beside the cloud storage platform. If supplier rules have been configured for QBO or Xero, 'Publish All' will send the document to both the accounting platform AND cloud storage at the same time.

Option 2: Enable auto-sync for automatic publishing and mirroring of documents in Hubdoc
By enabling auto-sync, documents will automatically flow from the Hubdoc account, directly into the cloud storage platform. This provides automation, but it is important to note that once the documents have been pushed, they will fall under the 'Archived' tab within Hubdoc regardless of whether it has also been published to a cloud accounting platform. Auto-sync can be set on a per-supplier basis, or applied to ALL suppliers and documents.

1. Click 'Accounts' in the top right and ensure you are on the 'Manage Accounts' tab, which should be the first tab open by default.

2. To enable auto-sync for ALL suppliers and documents, select the empty box above your cloud storage platform above your 'Summary' table.

3. To enable auto-sync for an individual supplier, scroll down to the supplier and click on the sub-account link to reveal several configuration options. Under the 'Destinations' heading, check off 'Autosync' with your connected cloud storage.

Option 3: Batch publish an entire folder of documents

If you do not have auto-sync enabled and prefer to do a weekly or daily back-up to cloud storage instead, you can send all documents from a specific folder to your cloud storage platform. Documents that have been previously published to cloud storage will not be published again, even if it has been deleted. If you would like to re-publish documents, you will need to do this manually from the 'Edit data bar'.

1. Select the folder you would like to back-up to cloud storage, or simply hover your cursor over the folder name until a small down arrow appears to the right.

2. Click on the small arrow and select 'Push to (cloud storage name)'.

If the push is unsuccessful, you’ll receive an error message indicating the number of files that failed to publish. In your Hubdoc organisation’s Integrations tab, check that your cloud storage platform is connected, then click Retry to publish the remaining documents.


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