Set Up My Firm on Hubdoc


Ready to start adding clients to Hubdoc? Congrats! You're on your way to cloud bookkeeping success. 

Before you start adding clients, you'll want to make sure that your firm account is set up and ready to go. 

Do You Have Your Free VIP Account?

 □ Yes!

Amazing! You're almost ready to start adding clients! 

□ No, what's that?

Hubdoc offers accountants and bookkeepers free VIP accounts for life so that you can play around with the platform before adding clients. To receive your free VIP account and a walkthrough of the platform, schedule a time with one of our Hubdoc product experts here

Who Will Be In Charge of Adding New Clients?

When a new client is added to your firm's account, your next monthly invoice will be updated to reflect the number of active client subscriptions under your firm. We recommend having a single account to handle all billing in order to A) Qualify for our volume-based wholesale pricing; and B) Have a single bill date to keep track of. 

Wholesale Pricing: Canada | United States | Australia

□ Just me

Easy! In this case, you can simply use your own email for the firm account.  

□ Multiple team members

Firms with multiple accountants and bookkeepers may want the flexibility of more than one person being able to add clients. This can speed up the process of onboarding new clients without having to wait for the main firm administrator to create the Hubdoc account. 

In this case, it is recommended to use an email and password combination you are comfortable sharing across the entire firm. Many firms create generic emails such as "" for this purpose. 

Will You Be Using Your VIP Account for Internal Bookkeeping?

Many accountants and bookkeepers will use their VIP account for internal firm bookkeeping. In this case, there may be some sensitive financial documents they would like to keep private from their staff. If you are OK with staff accessing all of your firm's documents, you can disregard this section. 

□ Yes

Unfortunately, Hubdoc does not yet have varying user permissions available. One current workaround is to have one main account for billing (accessible by all staff), and another for the internal books. Having two accounts can add complications and is only recommended if you are NOT OK with your staff accessing your firm's documents. 

□ No

No worries then! However, we do recommend firms use their VIP account to test out the platform and familiarize yourself with the features before adding clients. 


Your firm account is now set up and ready to go!

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