Set Up Billing Information

When you're ready to add your first client account and will be responsible for paying on their behalf, you will be asked to input your credit card information. You can always update the credit card on file at a later date by navigating to the 'Billing Information' tab after clicking 'Accounts' in the top right of your Hubdoc account. You will only have to input your billing information once - the first time you add a client. 

If your client will be paying for their own Hubdoc account, you can skip this step. 

Step 1: Make Sure We Accept Your Preferred Payment Method

Credit card is currently the only accepted form of payment for Hubdoc accounts. Accepted cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept Discover Cards. 

Step 2: Add Your Credit Card Information

From your 'Organizations' page, click the 'Add a Client Account' button in the top right. You will then be brought to the 'Billing Information' tab where you can input the email to be used for your client's account, and then add your credit card details. 


Monthly Billing Cycle

The first date you add your billing information to Hubdoc will become your monthly billing date moving forward. For example, if you added your billing information on November 2, you will be billed on the 2nd of every month thereafter. 

Your first month's invoice will always be for the price of one subscription. Any additional accounts that are added on the same day or before your next bill date, will not be charged until the next bill date. In general, any accounts that are added in between billing dates will not be charged until the next bill date, and only if they are still an active subscription under your firm's account. 



Sample Scenario: Firm wants to add 5 clients right away

1. The firm administrator clicks on 'Add a New Client Account' from the 'Organizations' page and gets brought to the 'Billing Information' tab. 

2. The first client's email is input, and the firm's credit card information added to the firm's Billing Information. 

3. Once complete, payment for the first client will be charged to the credit card immediately. An invitation to create a Hubdoc account will be sent to the first client. 

4. The firm administrator can then continue to add the remaining 4 clients by inputting their emails. Each will receive an invitation to create a Hubdoc account. 

5. A month later at the next bill date, the invoice will be for all 5 client accounts. 

Sample Scenario: Firm adds 1 client right away, and another client later in the month




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