Add Users to a Hubdoc Organization

Summary: Learn how to grant users access to your Hubdoc Organization 


  • Add a user to your Hubdoc Organization 

Add a user to your Hubdoc Organization

The primary user on a Hubdoc Organization is only permitted to add users to the account. 

To add a user:
1. Log in to the Hubdoc Organization you would like grant access to.
2. Select the gear icon in the top left corner of the account.
3. Click Users.


4. Click Invite A User and enter the user’s email address.
5. Select the user role you would like this user to have. Learn more about user roles.
6. Click Sent Invite.


Once added, the user will have access to the Hubdoc Organization through their Hubdoc account. If the email address added isn’t associated with an existing Hubdoc account, an email notification will be sent prompting the user to create their Hubdoc account in order to access your Hubdoc Organization. 

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