Add Your Staff

If you would like your staff to have access to your Hubdoc account, you can add them as a collaborator. Once a collaborator has been added, they will have full access to all documents and functionality within your Hubdoc account.

To add a collaborator:

1. Log in to Hubdoc.

2. Click 'Accounts' in the top right. 

3. Click on the 'Profile' tab. Scroll to the very bottom.

4. Add the email of your staff or collaborator that you'd like to add as a collaborator on the account. If the user has a Hubdoc account already, then they will see the Hubdoc account on their Organizations page when they log in. If they do not have a Hubdoc account already, they will receive an invitation email to finish setting up their account. 


If you don't want your staff to have access to your company's documents but would still like them to upload receipts and invoices they may have, it is recommended that they email documents to your account's unique intake email address. 


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