Security - How Hubdoc Handles It

Hubdoc supports both Two Factor Authentication (2FA) and Personal Verification Questions (PVQs) - security measures put in place by financial institutions and other online suppliers to bolster security. You will be required to verify your login when you first Add an Account.

What is 2FA?

- When you are emailed/texted a one time code to be entered into the web portal of the supplier that prompted the code to your email or phone. 

How does Hubdoc handle it?

1) Log into the corresponding Hubdoc account and click "Accounts" in the top right corner.

2) Scroll down within "Manage Accounts" until you see the relevant account and logo. 

3) Click the "Update Accounts" to the right of the account, as seen below. This will rerun our connection. 

 4) As our connection reruns, you will receive a new code via email or text. In the same page, by the account logo, a notification prompting you to input information will appear. Click "Fix it" and input the code you have received.

What are PVQs?

- Security questions that only the account owner will know the answers to. Ex. "What is your mother's maiden name?"

How does Hubdoc handle it?

Each time Hubdoc is asked a personal verification question (PVQ) by your supplier, we will prompt you in the application or via email to "Fix Your Account". To fix the account, simply login to Hubdoc and navigate to Manage Accounts and find the account that is highlighted. We will show a message such as "Bank of America needs you to answer a security question." 

Hubdoc stores the answers to your personal verification questions. Financial institutions and other suppliers will sometimes require 3-5 different personal verification questions that will need to be verified. Once we have all the answers, Hubdoc will be able to login consistently to your account. To cycle through each PVQ associated with your account:

1) Login to your Hubdoc account and click "Accounts" in the top right corner.

2) Scroll down within the "Manage Accounts" tab until you see the relevant account and logo

3) Click the "Edit Credentials" option to the right of the account. This will prompt one of the PVQs.

4) Submit your response and select "Update Account" to prompt a new question.

5) Continue Step 4 to cycle through all of the personal verification questions associated with your account.

Complete the PVQ process during the initial connection setup. This will help Hubdoc seamlessly sync with your account.


If you continue to have problems with verifying an account, please feel free to reach out and submit a request.


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