Manage Email Notifications

Notifications can be customized at the supplier or sub-account level to let you know there’s a new document in Hubdoc, or that a bill is due in five days. Hubdoc will also send an alert to tell you that a direct connection needs attention to continue to fetch successfully.

How they work

  • Bill reminder alerts are only sent if documents for that supplier have due dates.

  • Changes are applied on a moving forward basis, so the alerts only apply to future documents imported.

  • You can’t disable notifications that tell you to answer a personal verification question, two-factor authentication code, or update password credentials. This is to ensure documents can continue to be imported into Hubdoc.

  • By default, all notifications are sent to the email address used to create and manage the Hubdoc organization.

    If you use an email alias, the email notifications are sent to the email alias' root email. For example, notifications for ‘’ are sent to ‘’.

Set notifications for each supplier

  1. On the Hubdoc dashboard, click the Settings submenu in Hubdoc. settings icon.

  2. To set notifications for:
    • An account connection, click the arrow next to the supplier icon. 
    • A supplier, select the Suppliers tab, then select the supplier.
  3. Under Email Alerts, select the notifications you want to receive.

  4. Click Save, then click Close.


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