Manage Email Notifications

To keep your client's documents up-to-date, Hubdoc sends out two types of email notifications to let you know a supplier connection needs attention, a document has been fetched, or an upcoming bill is due. It is recommended that you let your client know that they may receive email notifications from Hubdoc from time to time. 

Note: Notifications that a supplier connection needs attention (such as answer a personal verification question, entering a two-factor authentication code, or updating credentials due to a new or invalid password) can not be disabled. These are to ensure that the appropriate user-action is taken so Hubdoc can continue fetching documents from the accounts.

Step 1: Confirm the email that will be receiving email notifications 

By default, all notifications will be sent to the email used to create and manage a Hubdoc account. If you have decided to use an email alias to create a client's account after reading the pre-set up checklist, the email notifications will be sent to the email alias' root email (ie. notifications will be sent to 

If you created the account with a client's email but do not want them to receive any notifications, you can change the account email to an email alias by following the steps here.

Step 2: Manage document-level notifications

These notifications will be sent anytime a new document is fetched, or a bill is due in five (5) days. They can be disabled and configured at the supplier and sub-account levels. For example, you would like to receive a notification each time a bank statement is fetched, but not each time a check image is. 

1. Log in to Hubdoc and click in to your client's account. 

2. Click 'Accounts' in the top right corner. 

3. Scroll down until you find the account whose email notification settings you'd like to change. 

4. Click on the relevant sub-account and a number of configurations will be revealed. 


5. Under the 'Email Alerts' heading, make your desired selections.

6. Click 'Save'. 

Any configurations you make here can always be updated at a later date. All changes will be applied on a moving forward basis.


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