About direct account connections


  • Use direct connections to import recurring statements and payments into Hubdoc.

What you need to know

Direct connections integrate with the supplier’s application to automatically import recurring statements and payments into your Hubdoc organisation.

Once documents are received, they’ll be automatically organised in their configured folder structure.

Due to banks restricting the use of fetch technology, automated connections for banks and financial institutions aren’t available for organisations in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. 

If you have documents that can’t be imported through an automated connection, you can manually upload or email them into your Hubdoc organisation.

About account connections

Direct connections have a direct connection label Direct Connections icon in Hubdoc.

Currently Stripe is the only direct connection available for organisations in the UK, NZ and AU. We’re working closely with other suppliers to develop more.

For organisations in all other regions, direct connections are available for Wells Fargo, Stripe, and Bank of America. 

All documents imported via a direct connection are saved in a new folder labelled with the name of the supplier.

If you’ve got an existing connection that integrates with cloud storage, you need to update the settings once the connection is set up.

What's next?

Learn how to add a direct account connection to your Hubdoc organisation.

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