Use the same email account for multiple Hubdoc organisations


  • If you only have one email account, use email aliases to create each of your Hubdoc organisations.

You must use a unique email address for each Hubdoc organisation you set up. If you only have one primary email address, you can set up an email alias. 

An email alias is an extension of a primary email address that is managed from the same inbox. Because the alias is in a different format to your primary email address, Hubdoc recognises it as unique. For example, if your primary email address is, you can create another Hubdoc organisation using Emails sent to will show in the inbox for

By using an email alias to set up each Hubdoc organisation, you can:

  • Receive emails for multiple Hubdoc organisations in your primary email inbox.
  • Access all organisations from the same login by inviting your primary email address as a user into each Hubdoc organisation.

Confirm the email address you’ll use before you start setting up your Hubdoc organisations. Depending on your email program, you might need to create the email alias directly through your email provider first.

Instructions to create an email alias can be found online for Microsoft Outlook (Microsoft website) and Gmail (Gmail website). If you’re unsure, contact your email provider. 

What's next?

Once you've created your Hubdoc organisations, invite your primary email address as a user into each of them so you can log in and switch between them with one set of credentials.


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