View a document's audit trail in Hubdoc


  • Documents in Hubdoc contain details of how and when they were imported, where they’ve been sent and their document ID number.

View a document's source

To find out how a document came into Hubdoc, scroll to the bottom of the document image. You can see:

  • The unique Document ID number
  • How the document was uploaded to Hubdoc, such as via mobile app, email, web application, or ScanSnap
  • Who uploaded it
  • The date and time it was uploaded

Upload information at bottom of document image.

View a document's destination

To find out where a document’s been published:

  1. Open the document.
  2. Scroll down to Destinations.

This shows you if it’s been published to a third-party integration such as your cloud accounting platform or cloud storage integration, or forwarded to an email address. It also tells you who published or forwarded it, and at what date and time.

Only documents uploaded on or after the 5th of July 2018 contain audit trail details.

What's next?

Find out how to fix problems you might have with documents in Hubdoc.


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