Hide Accounts

Sometimes you have a particular account that you don't want Hubdoc to fetch documents for. The most typical scenario is a bank login that fetches both personal and business bank accounts. You want to share the business bank account with your accountant but not the personal one.

This process assumes you have already added a connection with multiple accounts. You can learn how to add accounts here.

When you add a new connection for the first time, Hubdoc will determine how many accounts are available to download and create new folders for each account. All the available statements for each account will be downloaded to their respective folder. 

To hide (or stop fetching) documents for one of the accounts:

1. From the Hubdoc dashboard, click on the gear icon in the top right corner.

2. Click the 'Hide Accounts' tab.

3. Find the account you want to hide, and toggle the radio button to 'Stop Fetching'. Hubdoc will no longer fetch new documents for this account.

To delete all the documents already fetched for a particular account:

1. Navigate back to the Hubdoc dashboard.

2. Find the folder associated with the account you want to remove documents for.

3. Click the down arrow icon to the right of the folder.

4. Select 'Delete Folder' from the dropdown. This will move all the documents in this folder to the trash.

5. To complete the process, empty the Trash folder by clicking the down arrow icon to the right of the Trash folder and selecting 'Empty Trash' from the dropdown.

Mission accomplished. You have successfully hidden an account.


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