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By connecting Hubdoc to Quickbooks Online, you'll be able to keep your client's books up-to-date and audit-proof by attaching source documents to transactions in the bank feed and reconciling through a one-click 'Match'! 

Once a Quickbooks Online account has been connected, Hubdoc will pull over that Quickbooks Online account's supplier, customers, chart of accounts, payment accounts, and tax codes that have already been set up in Quickbooks Online. 

Step 1: Connect a Quickbooks Online Account to a Hubdoc Account

1. Log in to Hubdoc and navigate to the client's account. 

2. Click the gear icon in the top right corner.

3. Select the 'Integrations' tab.

4. Select the 'Connect' button beside the Quickbooks Online logo (it may take a minute or two to establish the connection).

5. Input your own Quickbooks Online credentials.

6. Select your Firm’s name from the drop down. A list of your clients will then appear.

7. Select your client’s Quickbooks Online file. (Note: If you would like to connect Hubdoc to a Quickbooks Online Accountant Company, select "Add app to firm" instead). 

8Authorize Hubdoc to get access to the Quickbooks Online account.

Step 2: Configure Tax and Other Settings

In many cases, it is necessary to keep track of taxes paid. To enable tax data to be separated and published from Hubdoc to Quickbooks Online, ensure that the "Publish tax data" checkbox is ticked off. This option will only be available if tax codes have been set up and enabled in the Quickbooks Online file. You will then be able to select a default tax rate (default on all transactions, can be changed at the document level) and a default tax exempt rate. 


You will also have the option of selecting "Show Payment Method Field". Enabling this will display an additional field when you are publishing expenses to Quickbooks Online and you want to specify the payment as cash, check, debit, credit card. 


Your Hubdoc account is now connected to QuickBooks Online. From now on, when you manually upload a receipt onto Hubdoc, Hubdoc will extract the key data from the receipt. When Hubdoc has extracted this data and you are ready to publish to Quickbooks Online, Hubdoc will then automatically create a transaction in QuickBooks Online with the original source document attached.

Check out the following support article for instructions on setting up an individual account to push to QBO



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