Saved Configurations for Publishing to Quickbooks Online

Summary: Learn how to edit your saved configurations for publishing documents to QBO. 


  • What are saved configurations?
  • How do I edit my organization’s saved configurations?

What are saved configurations?

When you publish a new Hubdoc document from a new supplier to Quickbooks Online, you must first configure how the transaction should appear in QBO. The configuration includes the transaction type (Publish As), account, QBO supplier, and some other available fields. After the successful publish, by default, the configuration you use will be saved. This same principle for suppliers applies to subaccounts from automated connections. 

The next time you upload a document from that same supplier, Hudboc will pre-populate the saved configuration. 

If you have autosync enabled for a supplier, the saved configuration will determine how future transactions will be automatically published. 

How do I edit my organization’s saved configurations?

On occasion, you may need to edit the currently saved configuration for a specific supplier. This will update the fields that pre-populate for that supplier’s documents or update how the transactions are created automatically in QBO if autosync is enabled.

  1. Log in to Hubdoc and toggle into your organization (if necessary)
  2. Select the gear icon
  3. Select the subaccount from an automated connection under Automated Accounts OR select the appropriate supplier under Suppliers
  4. Scroll down to the section titled Configure Rules for QBO
  5. Make any necessary updates to the configuration
  6. Select Save or Save Changes

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