Add A Client Who Has Multiple Companies

Hubdoc integrates with each accounting platform on a 1-to-1 basis. For example, you cannot connect to two QBO accounts simultaneously from one Hubdoc account. If your client only needs to publish documents to one account on an accounting platform (such as QBO or Xero), then your client only needs one Hubdoc account.

However, if your client has multiple companies and they have multiple accounts on the accounting platform they use, to publish documents your client will need to have multiple Hubdoc accounts as well.

Note: Each Hubdoc account created will need to have a unique email address associated with the account. You can create an email alias as a convenient workaround to have all notifications sent to the same email address. Alternatively, you can use any other email address for the client’s second account that isn’t already associated with an existing Hubdoc account.  

Step 1: Add the client account designated for your client’s Company #1. This can be your client’s primary Hubdoc account. The name of Company #1 can be added in the ‘Profile’ tab. You can connect to the appropriate accounting platform under the ‘Destinations’ tab.

Step 2: Create a new Huddoc account designated for your client’s Company #2.

Step 3: Add the account associated with your client’s Company #1 as a ‘Collaborator’ to the Hubdoc account associated with Company #2. Your client can now toggle between the two accounts if necessary. As an accountant or bookkeeper, you will also want to be a ‘Collaborator’ on both accounts.

Step 4: To publish documents to your client’s downstream accounting integration, ensure that you are toggled into the correct company account. If your client would like to upload documents via the mobile app, they will also want to ensure they are toggled into the right account.

There is no limit to the number of users that can access to a single Hubdoc account, but user accounts are non-functional and only function for the purpose of toggling into the accounts they are collaborators on. Staff members of Company #1 and Company #2 can be added as ‘users’ to these accounts if necessary.

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