Invite Your Bookkeeper


Summary: You can invite your accountant or bookkeeper to access your Hubdoc account. Once added, they will have full access to your documents and be able to publish documents to a cloud accounting platform.

  1. In the Hubdoc organization’s dashboard, click the gear icon.
  2. Select the Users tab.
  3. Click Invite a User.
  4. Enter the user’s email address, and select the user role you wish them to have (we recommend Accountant/Bookkeeper). Click Send Invite.



If you are a small business inviting your accountant or bookkeeper, we strongly suggest that you grant them this role. This ensures that they can link your organization to their practice in Hubdoc.

The Accountant/Bookkeeper user role is also ideal for administrators and/or advisors who require full access and capabilities within the business’ Hubdoc organization. This role is not customizable.

Users given the Accountant/Bookkeeper role will be able to:

  • Upload documents
  • View all documents
  • Publish documents to the business’ general ledger
  • Manage automated connections
  • Manage other users
  • Manage organization settings

If your accountant or bookkeeper already has a Hubdoc account, they will have access to your account the next time they log in to Hubdoc. If they are new to Hubdoc, an email will be sent inviting them to create a Hubdoc account. Once they have completed that process, they will have access to your account.


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