Pay for an Existing Hubdoc Account

Summary: Learn how to pay for a pre-existing Hubdoc account.


  • Make sure account is in nonpaying status
  • Upgrade the Hubdoc account
  • Grant access to the new payor [completed by the organization owner]

Make sure the account is in nonpaying status

If the existing Hubdoc account is already being paid for by that individual user or another user on their behalf, the account must first be downgraded to a nonpaying status. If the user is paying for their own account, they must downgrade their Hubdoc account.

If another user (a previous accountant/bookkeeper) is paying for the account, they must first downgrade the client's Hubdoc account

Upgrade the Hubdoc account

Now that the account is in nonpaying status, you can upgrade the account and pay for the subscription on the user's behalf.

1. Log in to Hubdoc and select your own Hubdoc account (this will appear first on your list of Organizations)

2. Click on the Gear Icon in the top right corner

3. Navigate to the Billing Information tab

4. Scroll down to Add Client Subscription Enter the email address associated with the existing Hubdoc account (the email that user uses to log in) and select Add a Client Account


5. If you aren't already paying for any Hubdoc subscriptions, you will be asked to enter your credit card information to pay for the account

Grant access to the new payor [completed by the organization owner]

If you haven't already been granted access to this Hubdoc account, the organization owner will need to approve your account access. Until approved access, the account will appear as Pending on your Organizations page.

These steps must be completed by the organization owner:

1. Log in to Hubdoc

2. You should immediately see a Grant Access pop-up indicating the new payor has requested access to the account

3. Select Grant Access to give the new payor access to the account. The new payor will now appear on the Users tab with the Accountant/Bookkeeper role. 


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