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The 'Add Tag' feature on your Hubdoc dashboard can help you group and manage documents that are similar but from different suppliers. Documents tagged using the same name will appear in that tagged folder at the bottom of the folders column. The tagging feature is available on both the web and mobile versions of Hubdoc.

Here are three examples of how you can use the 'Add Tag' feature: 

Example 1: You need to keep track of employee expenses. "Who uploaded this receipt?" Tell your employee, Mike, to tag his receipts on the Hubdoc mobile app with 'Mike's Expenses.' In the photos below, this Starbucks receipt has been tagged as 'Mike's Expenses.'

Example 2: You want to group documents for a colleague to review. Tag those documents with your colleague's name. They can then look for the tagged folder with their name on it to see which documents you wanted them to review.

Example 3: You want to group receipts based on an account type, such as all food receipts. Tag these receipts as 'Meals and Entertainment.' These receipts will now appear in the tagged folder called 'Meals and Entertainment.'

If you would like to apply a tag to multiple documents at once, select the documents you would like to tag (hold the Command key while clicking) and drag them to the appropriate tag. 

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