Create Your First Client's Hubdoc Account

Validate the new Account:

When you create a Hubdoc account for yourself or for a client, Hubdoc automatically sends an email titled, 'Invitation to Create a Hubdoc Account' to the new user's email address.

This email contains a link that you or your client needs to click in order to validate and open up the new Hubdoc account.  

If you would prefer to create your client’s account without Hubdoc notifying them directly, please see our article about using email aliases.

Pay for the new Account:

By default, when you add your first client on Hubdoc, Hubdoc will ask you to enter your own billing information so that you can pay for your client's Hubdoc account.

If you would prefer to have your client pay for their own Hubdoc account, please ask your client to pay for their own account and then add you as a collaborator. Directions for each step are at the underlined links. 

1. Click Upgrade and Pricing.

2. Add client's email address.

3. Enter Billing and credit card information.

4. Your client will receive an email inviting them to join Hubdoc.



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