Delete a Client's Hubdoc Account

Summary: Learn how to delete a client’s Hubdoc account.


  • Downgrade the account
  • Delete the account

Deleting a client’s Hubdoc account requires two steps to be completed. First, the current payor must downgrade the account from their billing. Second, the client’s primary user must delete the account. If you would like to stop paying for the account, but would like the documents to remain accessible, you can just downgrade the account. 

Please Note: Completing this process will permanently delete the Hubdoc account, its documents, and data. This account will not be recoverable after deletion is completed. 

Downgrade the account

An account with a currently active subscription cannot be deleted. As such, the subscription must first downgraded to allow the account to be deleted. This is completed through the following:

  1. Log in to Hubdoc as the payor
  2. Select your own Hubdoc account (first on the list of Organizations)
  3. Select Upgrade and Pricing
  4. Scroll to Current Client Subscriptions
  5. Select Downgrade next to the client’s account email
  6. Confirm the deletion

Once the account is downgraded, your Accountant/Bookkeeper access to the client’s account will be immediately revoked. The client’s account access will be retained. 

Delete the account

Once the account’s subscription has been downgraded, the account can be deleted. This is completed through the following:

  1. Log in to Hubdoc as the client’s primary user
  2. Select the Gear Icon
  3. Select the Profile & Security tab
  4. Select the red Delete Account button
  5. To confirm the deletion, enter in the email used to log in to the account

Once confirmed, the account will be permanently deleted.

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