Autosync Accounts to Cloud Storage Platforms

It is possible to autosync all of your accounts on Hubdoc for cloud storage platforms.

 To Do This:

1. Ensure that you have connected Hubdoc to your Cloud Storage platform on the 'Destinations' tab

2. On the 'Manage Accounts' tab, click the checkbox above the name of your cloud storage platform (E.g. Google Drive).

After you have done this, any future document that Hubdoc receives from any supplier will be automatically synced to your cloud storage platform. Documents that you have previously uploaded from these suppliers will not be pushed to your cloud storage platform. If you would like to sync historical documents, please follow these directions

If you decide to not autosync any of the individual accounts, Hubdoc will automatically replace the top green checkmark with a green square. Please see 'Image 3' below.

Checkbox has not been selected (Image 1)

Checkbox has been selected (Image 2)

One or more checkbox have been unselected (Image 3)


Important note: If you are configuring Autosync to cloud storage platforms it may affect the "status" of the document (Processing, Review, Failed). If a supplier has not been previously configured to publish to one of your cloud accounting downstream integrations (QuickBooks Online, Xero,, configuring Autosync to a cloud storage platform for this supplier will automatically change the status of a document to 'Archived'. 



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