Push Historical Documents to Cloud Storage Integration

It is possible to push documents that Hubdoc has previously fetched to cloud storage integrations. 

To push documents to cloud storage: 

  1. Select the name of the folder that you want to sync to your cloud storage platform (E.g. 'All Documents')
  2. Click on the small arrow to the right of the folder's name. A drop-down menu will appear
  3. Select 'Push to...'

Hubdoc will now send all of the documents from this folder to your cloud storage platform.

If the push is unsuccessful, you’ll receive an error message indicating the number of files that failed to publish. In your Hubdoc organisation’s Integrations tab, check that your cloud storage platform is connected, then click Retry to publish the remaining documents.

If you would like Hubdoc to copy the folder structure from Hubdoc or to push these documents to a single folder during this sync, please choose the appropriate setting on your 'Destinations' tab in Hubdoc prior to making the push. Click here to learn more about pushing the same folder structure to your cloud storage.


*Documents that have been previously pushed to cloud storage will not publish to the same cloud storage again. To re-push a document to cloud storage you will have to push each individual document by clicking "Publish" under the storage platform icon in the edit data bar.


Important note: If you are pushing documents to cloud storage platforms it may affect the "status" of the document (Processing, Review, Failed). If a supplier has not been previously configured to publish to one of your cloud accounting downstream integrations (QuickBooks Online, Xero, Bill.com), publishing a document from this supplier to the cloud storage platform will automatically change the status of a document to 'Archived'. This is especially important to be aware of when you pushing your 'All Documents' folder, as documents whose suppliers are not yet configured in your 'Processing', 'Review' and 'Failed' tab will be automatically 'Archived'.

Helpful tip: Before pushing all of your documents to a cloud storage platform, ensure that your 'Processing', 'Review', and 'Failed' tabs are accounted for. 


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