Creating a Gmail Email Alias

What is a Gmail Email Alias?

An email alias is an alternative email address that you may want to use to set up your Hubdoc account. It may consist of an original address plus the name of a client, separated by a plus sign. This only works for Gmail accounts.

Real Email Address =

Email Alias =


Use Cases for Using an Email Alias:

  • The accountant wants to create a Hubdoc account for their client and then pass it off to the client once all the connections have been established.
  • The accountant wants to receive Hubdoc email notifications rather than the client. 
  • The accountant doesn't want their client to receive notifications about the client's Hubdoc account. 

Example Scenario

Let's say Ashley is an accountant. Her email is Ashley manages company ABC's books. We would recommend setting up a Hubdoc account using the email alias

Note that a unique email address can only be used once to create a Hubdoc account.

All notifications and emails associated with the alias address will be directed to the root email. Example: will receive all email notifications sent to

Learn more about Gmail alias emails.

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