Personalize the Unique Intake Email

Each Hubdoc account is assigned a unique intake email address that can be used to send documents without having to log in to Hubdoc. During the setup process, it is recommended that you personalize the account's unique intake email address to include in your client's onboarding package. Make sure that the personalized email will be easy to remember for your client; for example,

To personalize the unique email address associated with the Hubdoc account:

1. Log in to Hubdoc and select the appropriate client's account.

2. Click 'Accounts' in the top right corner and then into the 'Profile' tab. 

3. Under the heading 'Uploading documents via email', click 'Edit' beside the first email address that you see. 

4. Personalize it for your client and click 'Save Changes' in the bottom right of the window. 

5. Click 'Copy to Clipboard' beside the updated unique intake email address, and save it in the client's onboarding package and information. 



To easily access your unique email address after personalization:

  1. Click the Add Receipts button in the top bar of your Hubdoc dashboard.

  2. Locate the unique intake email at the bottom of the page under Submit by email and click Copy to Clipboard.

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