My Documents Did Not Publish To SmartVault

Here is a list of common reasons why a document might not push to SmartVault:

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1) Is the SmartVault account a guest account?

  • SmartVault guest accounts will have limitations. Documents can only be publish with the folder structure "All documents in one folder" because a guest account does not have the ability to create folders.


2) Is the folder destination copied exactly in the correct format including capitals and spaces?

  • The folder name must be copied exactly as it is displayed in SmartVault. Including spaces and special characters. Ex."Nick's Vault/Support Folder"


3) Has the document been published before?

  • If the document indicates it has been published the past, it will not publish again, even if the file has been deleted in SmartVault. To publish a document again, click "republish" under the SmartVault integration, on the edit details page. 

4) Is the folder destination within a QuickBooks Online folder?

  • Folders and files can not be created within the Quickbooks folder structure in SmartVault.
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