Updating Your Credentials

If the username or password for your online portal changes, you will have to update your credentials in Hubdoc so that it can fetch relevant documents. Usually, when Hubdoc encounters this issue, you will get a notification that something is wrong. Generally this will appear as shown below, but often it may simply tell you that Hubdoc is having trouble communicating with your account. 

To fix this, click the "Fix it" button and Hubdoc will prompt you to reenter your credentials. Type in the correct login information and you should be good to go! 

If you know that you have just updated your credentials for a supplier that you are connected to in Hubdoc, you can update Hubdoc immediately by clicking the "Edit Credentials" button next to the supplier name under the "Manage Account" tab as seen below, this will prompt you to re-enter your login information and allow our connection to continue running smoothly. 

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