Publishing Deposits and Refunds to Quickbooks Online

You might be wondering how to publish deposits and refunds to a cloud accounting software?

Unfortunately, at this time Hubdoc does not have a great solution for publishing documents as deposits to Quickbooks Online. Hubdoc is unable to publish a negative dollar amount to QBO due to API limitations. We will hopefully have a solution for this soon.

Hubdoc allows users to record refunds from vendors to QBO by configuring the document as a vendor credit.




This can be utilized if a vendor supplies you with a credit document that indicates you no longer owe the amount stated on the document. The “Vendor Credit” document type appears under “Type” in QBO as a “Supplier Credit”.

When publishing as a Vendor Credit to QBO, Hubdoc allows you to configure the documents Vendor and Account, as well as add multiple line items and a description.



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