Change SmartVault Folder Destination

Connect your SmartVault account.

Change SmartVault Folder Destination

You may change the location that Hubdoc syncs to in SmartVault. To do this:

1. Login to Hubdoc. 

2. Click on the 'Accounts' link.

3. Navigate to the 'Destinations' tab. 

4. Hit the 'Change' link beside the Destination Folder. 

5. Type the name of the account that you want to integrate with.* 

6. The folder destination is based on the type of SmartVault subscription that is being used:

  • If a SmartVault Limited Business Plan is being used: The Hubdoc folder and documents contained within, will appear in the last folder listed in the folder destination field.

          "Nick's Vault/Support Folder"  

 (In the example screenshot above, the documents will appear in the folder "Support Folder")


  • If an Accountant or Tax Prep plan SmartVault subscription is being used for a client, the destination must be configured as shown below: 

          "Clients/M-P/Nick’s Vault/TY16/Source Documents"


 (In the example screenshot above, the documents will appear in the folder "Source Documents")

The folder name must be copied exactly as it is displayed in SmartVault. Including spaces and special characters.*

If the document indicates it has been published the past, it will not publish again even if the file has been deleted in SmartVault. To publish a document again, click the "republish" button under SmartVault integration on the edit details page. 


Next step: Change the folder structure.

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