Configure Autosync with QBO

Hubdoc will automatically configure and publish a document to QBO when autosync is configured and enabled for a particular vendor. This will eliminate the need to review and publish the document manually. As soon as a document has been fetched or uploaded, and the vendor recognized, it will be published to QBO.

There are two ways to set up an autosync configuration:

Configure an autosync using the 'Manage Accounts' page:

1. Log into Hubdoc and select 'Accounts'.

2. Click 'Manage Accounts' and the 'Manual Accounts' tab.

3. Select a vendor from the 'Manage Accounts' list.

4. Select the account name/number under the vendor name.

5. Click the 'Configure rules for QBO' checkbox.

6. Enter the data fields to configure rules for the vendor.

7. Select the autosync checkbox.

8. Click 'Save' to set the vendor configuration.


Configure an autosync using the edit data bar:

1. Select the appropriate document from Hubdoc.

2. Open the edit data bar (on the right hand side of the screen).

3. Select 'Configure' under the QBO connection.

4. Configure the document by entering the data fields.

5. Select the autosync checkbox.

6. Click 'Publish' to push the document to QBO and save the autosync.


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