ScanSnap Manager - Email to Hubdoc

UPDATE: This article refers to users using ScanSnap Manager. For users using ScanSnap Home, please refer to ScanSnap Home - Email to Hubdoc.

1.) Select settings from your ScanSnap Manager drop down. The following ScanSnap window will appear.

2.) Select Use Quick Menu (Quick menu will have a check mark next to it when it is enabled).


3.) Open your scanner, click the scan button and feed document(s) through.

4.) When the following screen appears click Finish Scanning. Note: you can scan up to 10 documents to Hubdoc at a time using this method.


5.) The following popout will appear. Select Scan to E-mail.


6. Select attach to email.


7. Input your unique email address (find by clicking Add Receipt in Hubdoc) and click send.


8. Magic. Your documents are now processing in Hubdoc!


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