Setting up the Profile Tab

Begin in the ‘Profile’ tab to set up your client's Hubdoc account. This is where you can configure the account’s basic administrative settings.

To access the ‘Profile’ tab select ‘Accounts’ in the top right corner of your Hubdoc dashboard and navigate to the ‘Profile’ tab.

Within the section ‘Update your account information’:


  1. Review the name of the user associated with the account
  2. Ensure the Company field is correct.
  3. Select your base currency
  4. a) If you have used the client's email to set-up the account, confirm that it is correct.
    b) If you have used a fake email or email alias to set-up the client account and would like to give the client access, input the client's correct email address in the Email’ and ‘Confirm Email’ field. Once this is done, click Save in the bottom right-hand corner.
  5. Ensure you have selected the correct date format for your country.

Within the ‘Uploading files via email’ section, change the unique Hubdoc intake email. When you first log into your account, the intake email address will be randomly generated and appear in the form: “”. This is the email address you/your client will use to email documents into Hubdoc.

You can edit the entire prefix by clicking ‘edit’ to the right of the email address. Here you can change “hubdoc.companyname.342sj3f” to something easier remember such as the company name. Click ‘save’ after editing this. Please note: this email will still end with and the previous email will no longer work.


Finally, click 'Save Changes' in the bottom right-hand corner of the window. Your profile tab is now set up!


For more information about the 'Profile' tab please refer to the links below: 

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