About direct connections


What you need to know

Direct connections work directly with the supplier’s application to automatically import recurring invoices and bills into your Hubdoc organization.

Once documents are received, data can be extracted from them, then published straight to your accounting platform (Xero or QuickBooks Online) where a transaction is created with the document attached.

If you have documents that can’t be imported through an automated account connection, you can manually upload or email them into your Hubdoc organization.

Hubdoc has direct connections with Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and Stripe. We’re working closely with other banks suppliers to develop more.

About direct account (fetch) connections

Direct connections fetch documents via the bank or supplier’s API. These connections allow you to directly share your data with Hubdoc, and are more secure and reliable.

Direct connections are currently only available for Stripe (Global), Wells Fargo (US) and Bank of America (US). If you’ve got an existing standard connection for Wells Fargo or Bank of America, you need to migrate to the new direct connection.

Direct connections have a blue ‘direct connection’ Stripe_Direct_Connection.png label in Hubdoc.

All documents imported via a direct connection are saved in a new folder labelled with the name of the supplier.

If you’re updating an existing connection:

  • Any existing documents imported using the standard connection remain in the original folder.
  • Original folders for Wells Fargo and Stripe are updated to include the date the last document was imported into it. For Bank of America, the original folder is labelled as legacy. You can rename the folders at any time.
  • Any connection customization, like email alerts, email forwarding or where the documents are saved, are reset. You need to update any customization after connecting.
  • If you’ve got an existing connection that integrates with cloud storage, you need to update the settings once the direct connection is set up.

Please note that direct connections aren’t able to  import cheque images.




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