How Automated Connections Work

To answer this question, it is helpful to begin with a quick background on how Hubdoc's fetching technology works. For each website Hubdoc fetches documents from, we have built a special software program called a "robot". This robot securely logs into the website on your behalf. The robot is trained to navigate the website and click the necessary links to find and fetch your documents, just like you would if you logged into the website yourself.

The best part about these robots is that they do all of the hard work! The challenge is that anytime the website makes a change - even one as small as changing the text of a link or the location of a button - our robots can get lost and be unable to find your documents. Adding to the challenge is that the website doesn't tell Hubdoc when it is going to make a change - we only find out when the robot is no longer able to fetch documents.

Whenever this happens, our team of engineers has to take the robot offline temporarily and retrain it to navigate the new website. We have a large team of engineers who monitor our robot fleet closely to make sure all robots are brought back into service as quickly as possible.

So next time you receive a notice that Hubdoc is unable to communicate with a third-party website and fetch your documents, remember two things:

1. Any time the third-party website makes a change, Hubdoc will be temporarily disconnected.
2. Our expert team of engineers is on the case, finding and updating robots as quickly as possible to get your documents fetching again.



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